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Timber Fence Panels

ShedWorld offers one of the widest ranges of timber and concrete fencing products available in Ireland today.

All of our concrete fence posts and gravel boards are manufactured to exacting standards.

For retail customers in the Leinster Area, ShedWorld offers a delivery service on a limited basis. Note, for retail purposes, fencing orders will be limited to €2000 including VAT. Orders in excess of this are subject to review.

Our product gallery, above, shows a sampling of the styles of fencing panels that ShedWorld offers. Fencing panels are normally produced in either 5x6 (1.5m x 1.8m) or 6x6 (1.8m x 1.8m) sizes, but can be ordered in different sizes if needed. Prices for non standard panels are available on request. The diagram below outlines the four most common sizes of fencing panels.

At ShedWorld, our highly trained fabrication staff hand manufacture our timber panels from only the finest native timber stock, ensuring that our timber panels are of the highest quality possible.

Broadly speaking, our timber fencing product range can be grouped into five categories:

Standard/Shiplap Panels:

Our standard, lightweight panel, perfect for garden partitions or perimeter fences.

Made from 7mm boards of all native timber***, the overlapped, shiplap look to our standard panels make them the ideal compliment to any garden.

Hit & Miss Panels:

Hit and Miss, or Picket Style fencing makes for a traditional, handsome finish to your garden. ShedWorld offers a wide range of board styles to suit your design needs.

In exposed areas, Hit and Miss fencing gives high levels of strength and robustnes, while still maintaining a low wind resistance. For added privacy, double sided Hit & Miss panels are an ideal perimeter screen.

Standard design for all Hit & Miss panels are made with 29no, sturdy 95x16mm timbers***. Number and size of boards can be varied to suit customer requirements.

Butt Jointed Panels:

Butt Jointed panels offer a clean, solid boundary to your garden, providing a maximum level of shelter and privacy.

Butt Jointed Panels are available in a number of different styles to suit your tastes. Butt Jointed panels are normally made using 95x16mm timbers***, this can be varied according to your needs.

Both our Hit & Miss and our Butt Jointed panels may be ordered with any of the picket points shown below:

Tongued & Grooved Panels:

Tongued and Grooved fencing makes for a sharp, clean backdrop to your garden. Strong lines and high grade, machine planed timbers give an air of quality and top class workmanship.

For increased strength, our tongued and grooved panels are comprised of 150mm x 22mm boards***, slotted together to form a rigid, robust fencing panel, available with either horizontal or vertical timbers.

Barrel Board Panels:

Our Barrel Board panels combine the sturdiness of tongued and grooved material with the asthetic appeal of a half-round, log cabin style effect to the front of the panel.

Available with either vertical or horizontal timbers, barrel board fencing is both picturesque and extremely durable, the ideal boundary for your garden.

All of our timber panels are available as standard with high durability, pressure treated timbers. Pressure treatment uses Tannelith E preservative to protect the timber from the effects of weather for up to 7 years, thereby reducing maintenance costs. For a small surcharge, ShedWorld can paint any of our timber panels in warm, light oak brown colour. Paint used is 1yr fence treatment paint, which is water based and will require maintenance to preserve the colour after approximately 12 months. Unless otherwise stated, panel designs are always single sided by default. Double sided panels, which are identical on both sides, are available in most styles and can be ordered if needed. Prices for double sided panel varients available on request.

* details correct as of most recent cube tests.

** fencing supply and delivery subject to approval of order by ShedWorld

*** board size guaranteed prior to machining, actual size of finished boards may vary


Fencing Panel

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